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Sheltered Instruction

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1. Which of the following are effective sheltered instruction strategies?

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2. The only steps for “including content and language objectives in a lesson” are as follows: The teacher must write the objectives on the board every day. The teacher must read the objectives aloud to the students, and ensure the students are listening.

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3. Select the appropriate words to complete this sentence: Using sheltered instruction strategies help students master the required ____________________as they become _________________ in the English language.

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4. Integrating the four modalities of language within each lesson promotes academic vocabulary development for all students. What are the four modalities?

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5. Which statement best describes how to incorporate sheltered instruction strategies in your lessons?

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6. When teaching the Project SMART lessons, teachers should keep in mind which one of the following statements?

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7. A teacher can provide meaningful interactions with students by doing which of the following? Select all that apply.

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8. Which one of the following is NOT a reason for teachers to select a linguistic accommodation for a student?

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9. Making content comprehensible” means a teacher must ensure the content delivered is understood by every student. Which of the following strategies would be effective for this? Select all that apply.

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10. The Project SMART program provides the content and language objectives a teacher needs for each lesson.

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