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Project SMART
Collaborative Forum

This is an optional independent site that may be used by Project SMART instructors for additional support.

Ideas and resources posted have NOT been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by the Texas Education Agency or ESC-20.

This site will be available from April 15 – August 15 and will be monitored weekly.

Please report any inappropriate content by emailing:

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Why collaborate on this forum?

 When the Project SMART curriculum is created to be used across the state and in participating states, the use of specific learning management systems, software, or apps cannot be assumed or mandated.

Although there are many great technology tools available, what is used varies greatly across districts.  There are many reasons for this, including costs associated with the tools or with the devices they work on, internet accessibility for families, and copyright or other limitations.

Because there is no standard technology (device or app) used consistently across the state, activities written into the Project SMART lessons cannot require devices, wi-fi, or use of specific apps.  The lessons provided within the Project SMART curriculum must be mathematically sound and ready to be used by anyone, anywhere, at anytime, regardless of the technology available for the instructors or participating families.

​Given the budget and time restrictions upon the development of Project SMART each year, it is also not feasible to create interactive games, videos, or apps from scratch for each grade band.

In spite of these challenges over the past few summers, there are many comments on the survey from teachers who have found or created resources that support, supplement, and further engage students in the Project SMART lessons. These teachers have found math counting videos on YouTube, created Kahoot quizzes to go with handouts, used Quizziz, or posted Project SMART anchor charts of handouts in Google classroom.

Thus, the idea for this forum was hatched! Who better to collaborate and support one another, than instructors teaching the same Project SMART curriculum?  The goal of developing these grade level padlets is to provide an opportunity and an outlet for instructors to ask and answer each other’s questions, get new ideas or inspiration, and share pictures, videos, or links to PS-related web content. Instructors might even post links and/or resources that they created themselves to use with their Project SMART students. When teachers collaborate and share, all students benefit!